Our work


Online inventory system for small businesses. Web and mobile application.


A game about circles

Circular is a game to test your memory. Tap on the circle in order as they appear. Pretty difficult in further rounds.


Dots for Leap Motion


Addictive game for Leap Motion: Connect the dots using one swipe.


Experimental social app - Share photos of things you've recently bought.

Tic challenge

Play tic tac toes with your friends online. Game for Android and Windows Phone.

About us

We are three guys from Slovakia located in Prague, Czech republic. We know each other from university studies.

In 2011, when Windows Phone was a relatively new platform, we were amazed by its minimalistic user interface and started creating our first games. The biggest success was a One Touch Drawing with 5 millions of downloads till now.

We also started doing apps for Android. There is a lot of apps but most of them has not attractive user interface. Our mission is to build useful apps with a beautiful design.

All apps you can see in the pictures above are our own projects. Each pubished app gives us a lot of experience and always motivates us to expand our knowledge all the time.

Hire us

Working on our own projects gives us a lot of experience and we are ready to offer our services to you.

So, if you are looking for designers, or need to create web or mobile app (Android, Windows Phone) feel free to send us message or use email bellow.

Our direct email is hello@blowingnose.com